Ken Arnold received the DeGolyer Distinguished Service Award.
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Paragon's History
Back in 1980, Ken Arnold left Shell Oil Company, where he was managing 150 engineers, and started two new companies...
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Recent Projects
Review of heavy oil dehydration and water treating plant project plans.

Review of high potential safety incidents for a major oil company to extract learnings for management considerations.

"Cold Eyes" review of conceptual study for a new offshore platform in a cold weather frontier area for a major oil company.

History of Safety Awareness in the US Gulf of Mexico (2016)
Next Generation Deepwater Facilities (2016)
Are You a Professional or Just an Engineer (2015)
Key Lessons for a Successful Career (2015)
Assuring an Adequate Safety Culture (OESI Human Factor Forum 2015)
Ethics and Your Company's Best Interest (2014)
Oil Patch Orientation - Facilities

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